How Heritage-Inspired Homes are Making a Comeback

Heritage Living

Model Apartment – Type D

Heritage isn’t just a word. It’s our personal history wrapped in a timeless capsule that preserves us through eternity. It’s our greatest identity and the essence of our self-expression. The implications of heritage in daily life run much deeper than one may imagine. 

Quietly and obliviously, it influences our tastes, governs our choices, and gives us a sense of “me” in this big wide world. It bestows our universe of thoughts, actions, and emotions a permanent anchor. Heritage is not only an expression of our collective consciousness, it’s also an expression of our unique individuality. 

Most cultures and civilizations in history have lived together as close-knit communities with common languages, traditions, food, and ways of life. However, since the advent of industrialisation and the rise of urbanisation, people around the world had to leave home in search of greener pastures. 

As a consequence, they had to adapt to unfamiliar cultures. Heritage was abandoned in a crumbling mansion to fend for itself. Which, in turn, gave birth to generations that grew distant and culturally disconnected. Heritage, for the first time in human history, was pushed to the backseat.

Indian Heritage

Why Indian Heritage Appeals to the World

India’s heritage is among the world’s richest, not just due to its diversity, but also its antiquity. So timeless and ancient is the story of India that a specific date could never be put to its origin. Over the years, India’s heritage has found expression in a million different ways. Be it a Lord Ganesha statue, an exquisitely handwoven Kanjivaram saree, or a plush Kashmiri carpet, heritage is the common string that holds these together. Heritage is what holds us together. 

Interestingly, the recurrent themes that appear in every piece of Indian heritage are self-discovery, emphasis on aesthetic beauty, and design functionality. Back in the day, every metalware forged or every painting drawn abided by these subtle but profound principles. While self-discovery was depicted to be life’s highest purpose, aesthetic beauty and design functionality made everyday living a pleasure. 

Every Indian of the yesteryears was surrounded by elements of heritage, from the floor tiles in their home to the design of their courtyards. Almost everything they did or used was a testament to an undying cultural legacy.

Holistic Experienc

Benefits of Living at the Heart of One’s Heritage

To experience life to the fullest, not just materially, but holistically, there’s a need for the remembrance and revival of one’s own personal heritage. A strong sense of heritage not only reflects one’s personality, it also lends itself to a deep sense of belonging. 

Heritage is a constant reminder of where one is from and where one needs to be. The idea of building one’s life around one’s own heritage can, therefore, be a significantly empowering decision. It can lead to higher inspiration, clearer purpose, and a sense of unwavering ideals to live by, even in unfavourable times. 

Although Indian heritage faded from the foreground due to Western influences that grappled not just India but the whole world, its golden ideals and life-changing principles are eternal. Through such shifts and upheavals, heritage managed to thrive in bits and pieces, in nooks and corners, or on dusty shelves as relics, paintings, handicraft, statues, and home decor. Heritage was reduced to a pattern on a doorknob or the texture of a drape. 

While there was a certain revival of heritage in terms of vaastu, no one noticed an ocean of other design thinking philosophies, architectural sciences, and life insights waiting to be rediscovered. 

Revival of Indian Heritage through a Residential Community

If there is one thing that can bring us back to the epicenter of our heritage, it’s our home. Well, like the wise say, everything begins from home. The need of the hour was luxury residential communities that captured and nurtured Indian heritage. 

From construction and decor to design thinking, from the biggest project features to the slightest detail, everything reflected the heritage that makes us, us. This was when Svasa Homes was born. Built on a sprawling three-acre land in Basavanagudi, one of Bangalore’s most heritage-centric locales, Svasa Homes transformed heritage living to an all-new pedestal by creating the first residential community exclusively inspired by South Indian heritage. 

Svasa, meaning breath in Sanskrit, is a concept of living extracted from ancient Indian wisdom. A blend of Vedic principles, arthashastra, vaastu shastra, and Tridevi have gone into the making of Svasa Homes that effortlessly merge fabulously modern living spaces with an essence of South Indian heritage. The result is awe-inspiring. No other residential developer has ever conceptualised a project of this scope, depth, and magnitude. 

Svasa Homes is the first and only highrise residential project featuring courtyard design which has been a part of our architectural heritage. Be it the sublime ceiling murals, painted by a famous artist from Kerala, depicting scenes from Indian mythology or traditional South Indian lamps that add to its decor, every corner in Svasa Homes is an invocation of India’s rich and timeless heritage.

Sattva community lounge

Sattva Community Lounge

Why Living in a Heritage-Inspired Residential Community Makes Sense

Living in a residential community so highly inspired by heritage can have a plethora of impact on its residents. From feeling a sense of ease to being in constant appreciation of one’s roots brings life a new meaning and dimension. It’s said that your home is a reflection of your values and personality. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to belong to a residential community that represents who you are and what you believe in? That’s truly when a residential project transcends to become something greater than just brick and mortar. That’s when a residential project becomes a way of life.



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