A Residential Project Built with Brick, Mortar, and a Legacy

15.1 Machani Soamppa

Padma Shri Machani Somappa (L) with Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai

This is a story of a man, his legacy, and how it inspired one of India’s most unique residential projects. This is the story of how one man’s lone dream translated to a megastructure in brick and mortar, designed to inspire many generations to come.

In India’s eventful history, there have lived and died a rare league of individuals who quietly shaped the future of the country. These extraordinary people weren’t at the forefront of national recognition, they didn’t cause a stir to pique public attention. Yet, without any expectations, they worked with bare hands to uplift the fate of a nation whose tomorrow was as complex as her yesterday. The surge of modernity witnessed in India today is an outcome of such tremendous foundations laid by these children of a country that direly needed groundbreaking reforms for the soil and sweat of its humblest dwellers. While the politicians were busy running campaigns and the industrialists were busy growing their empires in India’s formative years, these rare children of our land fixed the very mechanics of the nation at such a fundamental stratum, their life’s work will obviously, and in oblivion, continue to benefit, empower, and uplift many generations to come. Such is the incredible story of Machani Somappa, the man who played a crucial role in India’s development. 

Machani Group was founded in 1960 when Shri Machani Somappa set up a manufacturing venture in collaboration with Stumpp Schuele GmbH, a world renowned manufacturer of springs. Stumpp Schuele & Somappa Springs (SSS Springs) became the first spring manufacturing unit in the subcontinent. An exemplar of entrepreneurial excellence, and a role model for societal betterment, Machani Somappa’s legacy has been a profound inspiration for Machani Group’s business endeavours. The group would go on to become one of the most revered family businesses in India.

Padma Shri Machani Somappa was a pioneer and visionary who believed the fruits of business success would change not only his community, but also the country. He was an industrialist with an undying entrepreneurial spirit and a broad vision for the future of business and its capabilities in India. His philanthropic interests straddled areas that would go on to influence critical talent development and quality of life in communities that needed such support the most. The educational institutions, skill development centres and primary schools set up by him continue to operate independently and fulfill the golden mandate. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri award – the fourth highest Indian civilian award – for his contributions to the society, placing him among the first recipients of this award.

From building cooperative societies and successful businesses to non-profit organizations, Machani Somappa’s dedication towards the greater good, perseverance in the face of hardships, and exemplary leadership provided the bedrock on which Machani Group stands today. Rooted in unwavering values, Machani family’s essence and existence have always been about taking everyone along. Machani Somappa’s favourite philosophy “Together is better” still resonates in every endeavour, big or small. Steeped in the tradition of technology, engineering, and design practised as living truths, these three principles are deeply ingrained in every venture of Machani Group even today.

While the core values and principles of the family remain the same, the next generation of entrepreneurs that followed Machani Somappa have approached the business more globally. Today the group collaborates with clients across geographies and extends Machani Somappa’s vision beyond borders. Along the way the group has also picked skills that can match wits with some of the world’s best competitors.

15.2 Basavanagudi


But this story is about the land on which Svasa Homes is built – a very special piece of land Machani Somappa owned in Basavanagudi (Bangalore’s cultural capital) nearly 50 years ago. Being one of the only remaining stretches of unadulterated green acres in South Bangalore, it was a precious treasure locked in the Machani family’s vaults for years. The family has always given birth to exemplary visionaries who valued leadership, innovation, and selfless thinking. As a tribute to three generations, the land was passed on as a gift to the next generations by the family’s founding fathers. Harbouring an electronics factory earlier, the land came back to the family in the year 1984 with a new destiny. 

For the third generation, standing on the land again was a special feeling, akin to standing on the shoulders of giants. In celebration of ancestral memories, the family wished to acknowledge the forefathers’ hard work by building a marvel that inspired awe on this patch of the earth. The land was clearly meant for a higher purpose. To pay respect to this legacy, Svasa Homes was envisioned as a living community reserved for a special league of individuals. What took birth as a result of this experience is Machani Infra Development Corporation (MIDC) – the real estate wing of Machani Group that was soon to redefine luxury projects in Bangalore. 

In a market flooded with players, MIDC is known as a real estate company specialising in creating premium projects with unique experiences that allow freedom to achieve a higher purpose. MIDC aims to elevate its community by bringing unique experiences in daily life. The company always ensures their projects resonate with meaning. The company focuses on fewer exclusive projects for exceptional people capable of revolutionary thinking. To this end, the company plans to create environments to enable minds that are inclined towards making an impact in society.

Having a strong foundation of legacy and heritage, MIDC brings a unique vision rarely observed in the industry. With a philanthropic, community-serving philosophy strongly ingrained in the company, an enormous importance to quality and innovation is applied in every step of every process. MIDC strives to harmonise the values brought forward by its long-standing ideals along with the vision to innovate for a brighter tomorrow.

Svasa Homes, MIDC’s flagship project in Basavanagudi, is built not only with brick and mortar but a long-standing legacy and foundation.

Svasa Homes is a concept of living that enables attainment of life’s higher meaning. Extracted from ancient wisdoms, these immortal principles bring elevated dimensions of productivity and fulfilment. Svasa Homes is envisioned as a residential community like no other in India.



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